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Hello! I wanted to write to you and express my gratitude. I ordered this doll for a dear friend of mine that was struggling financially. She's an occupational therapist that helps kids with disabilities. She had lost a lot of her client base because of Covid. Since receiving her doll things have turned around for her! Nothing like the power of intention, focus, and caring.

Thank you dearly.

Mindy Turner
Santa Fe, NM

My girlfriend and I happened upon your shop while walking in the French Quarter.  I could not have been more impressed with both the incredible and beautiful dolls, books and accessories  I also appreciate the time taken to explain the significance of each piece and the stories behind them.  It was truly an enlightening experience.

I purchased a gris-gris bag that I could not be more happy with.  It has yet to leave my side (right side, of course).  I can feel the positive energy that we share. I also purchased a Veve Doll (money draw) to help focus my energies in my career as well as on the poker table.  I look forward to visiting your incredible city and doing business in your amazing shop in the very near future. Thank you again for your help, knowledge and positive energies.

Ed from Florida



I received a reading from Zaar today.  His reading was extremely accurate, very blunt and no sugar coating.  Some readings, when you're done, you feel robbed of your money.  This was well worth the money spent!  I've had numerous readings, from different religions, using everything from cards to shells, and I can honestly say that this reading was the truth!!!! He is definitely someone that I will use again and recommend to anyone!!!! Thank you!!


Dear Brandi,

Good morning from sunny California! I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for allowing us to film at Voodoo Authentica. We had such a wonderful experience. Both Matt and Zaar were so wonderful and warmly welcomed our crew. We learned quite a bit from both of them.

Thank you for making our experience so delightful. We will be sure to let you know when the episode is out. The footage we took was nothing short of magically beautiful.  I still feel the wonderful protective energy around me every day. Thank you for all that you do for the world.

I’m working on the episode as I type so please expect to hear from me about this soon!

Sending you my deepest gratitude and warmest regards. Please extend the very same to both Matt and Zaar.  Happy holidays!

KEESA - Lifestyle Network



I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in coordinating the arrival of my purchase for Saturday!! The Gris Gris was a wonderful surprise for my friend. I appreciate all of your help and can't wait to visit your store again on my next trip to New Orleans.
Have a great day!

Kayla R.

We visited the shop last Sunday and Julie made me a personalized Gris Gris. She did a wonderful job of explaining each ingredient and their purpose. I have recommended her to friends that need healing like I do.
I will definitely stop in the next time I am in New Orleans!!



Good day,

We came into your store at the beginning of March and had a reading with Krysten.  Her reading for us was SPOT on.  She changed our lives for the better. Here are pics of our Yemaya and Oya shrines in our home!.....

 Leo & Denton 


This was an epic experience!! All of the staff was very friendly. I requested a reading and told Kristen nothing. With her knowing absolutely nothing about me she was amazingly accurate and insightful!  


Dear Voodoo Authentica,


I just want to let you know that I received my order today and that both Potion Oils, Beauty and Love Potion #9 are exquisite!  I love them already!  They smell wonderful and I hope they do what the name says.  

Thank you so much! 


Hello Brandi, 


I just want to thank you for my Oya doll and to let you know she has done well for me. The last four weeks I have had excellent reports in my work – no errors!  I call her My Beautiful Oya and take excellent care of her. I hope one day to visit your shop and New Orleans and learn more of the Voodoo practice. I can’t thank you enough for Oya.



March Of Dimes

Dear Brandi;

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you during the Big Easy Ride Weekend. The blessing of the motorcycles before the ride was so cool – everyone had the chills. Not to mention the performance at the plantation party – the snake charming and the Voodoo dance troupe. It was truly awesome and a real thrill for the non-locals. Only in this great city can we find people who are so flexible, fun to work with and most of all – talented! Your truly authentic Voodoo made our weekend that much more special and we thank you for that. You all were a real treat to work with.

Voodoo Authentica  comes highly recommended by The Big Easy Ride Foundation. We look forward to working with you again next year. In the meantime, we will be looking for your next gig, so keep us on the mailing list. Thanks again for everything.

Very truly yours,
Raelynn Tammariello Loop, Producer

Hey Brandi.

I just wanted to thank you for the extraordinary experience you provided us with. You ushered in our stay in your great city with grace and beauty and gave us a great education. To a person, everyone in our group enjoyed the seminar and the cleansing and thought it was a highlight of our journey.
Thank you so much. I hope our paths cross again.


Jed Morey
Long Island Press

Negrotto Kids - July 2014

Hi, I would just like to personally thank the person who made my doll for me. It arrived today and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I wish to use it to help me in getting the love of my life and I feel sure that if it's meant to be, the doll and the Spirits will guide me in this.

I will definitely tell my friends about you....keep up the great work...and thank you for keeping Voodoo real! Best Wishes,

Darren from Australia

French Quarter Phantoms was chosen as the "Official Best in Louisiana " 2014. The attached segment will air on their special June 11th and will air on WWL/CBS locally on June 7 at noon.

Thought you would want to see it because our guide stops in front of Voodoo Authentica and gives a little info then the camera pans up to show your sign. Whenever a tour guest asks us about real Voodoo or where to get a real reading, we always refer them to you.

100% Everyday,
Cindi R.
Owner / Operator

Jude Prest

Dear Voodoo Authentica:

A few years ago, I visited New Orleans for the first time. I went into your store, there I purchased a Lady Luck Voodoo Doll for my mother, as well as some assorted "gifts" for friends. Since then, my mother has won a substantial amount in Lotto.

I realized once I returned back to New York City, that I should have gotten a doll for myself. Oh well, I thought, next time.

I was speaking to a good friend right before the Christmas holiday. The subject of Voodoo came up. I told her about your store and of my regrets of not purchasing a doll for myself.

The day before we were due to all go on Winter Break, I came to work and found a huge beautiful bag in my office. Inside was a gift from my dear friend. It was a Oya Doll from your store. I squealed like a girl with joy. She had it Fed Exed from your store in time to give me this wonderful gift for Christmas.

Since Oya's arrival into my life, so many positive things have occured. She brought a much needed whirlwind of change. That is however her nature, but the things I had been working on for years finally began to manifest. I'm a survivor of 9-11, I had been carrying around a lot of guilt and weight than I realized. The inner transformations that manifest outwardly are amazing, nor do I believe them to be a coincidence. Oya's energy was exactly what I had needed to let go and embrace it all again.

The energies that are imbued in this doll are so positively beautiful.
Sure, I know that it is me who is working this doll, but it truly all began with the loving hands that created Her. Please pass along my sincere and humble gratitude to the artisan.

Mille Grazie,
Mary C.

Tremendous Entertainment

Everyone absolutely LOVED them!!! the logo on the tag was especially appreciated by the client so we are very happy.....=).....Kylie brought back one doll for the office and it is just lovely. Thank you so much for all of your help!!


The college class of James Sprunt Community College would like to thank you and your staff for sharing the voodoo practice with us. We all now have a better understanding and a respect for this practice. We enjoyed our stay in new Orleans and hope to see you all again in the future. You made us all feel very welcomed and your information gave us lots of helpful information for our research project which was on the history of voodoo. thank you! We all got an A!!!


Patricia, and classmates

Hello!  I just want to thank you for the dolls - They are awesome!

All the best,
Paul from Russia


Akula Foundation

We are now new owners of our voodoo dolls.  I was in New Orleans attending an Avon Convention. My children and girlfriends children asked that I purchase voodoo dolls for them while I was away. Luckily, I found the shop in the river walk mall that sold your dolls.  I was looking for authentic dolls, and was very pleased to find your work.  So far everyone loves their new dolls.   My daughter asked that it rain here at home, it has been dry around here for several weeks, farmers are hurting, 2 days later we got a downpour.

My son loves to play playstation with my husband, and is always in competition to win this new game, he wished for luck in beating his dad's score, as has accomplished it.  We have visited the web site, voodooshop.com, and have found good information answering their questions. 

Thank you,
Happy voodoo doll owners.

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you I received my JuJu Guardian and Harlequin dolls. They are simply exquisite! Thank you so much! Their vibrations are very nice and I feel in harmony with both of them. At some time in the future, I would like to order more. They not only contain positive energies but they are works of art as well. Thank you again.

Marilyn from Florida


Laura T.

The Doll arrived today, it’s beautiful!!  Thank you for your time and patience as well!!  No issues with Customs, all is well, and I’ll see you next summer!!!

D. Falkner

I just want to say thank you for the great service! My chicken foot fetish has just arrived, already. It is so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off of it. I already feel positive, and I will return again for more!.

A. from Denmark


I just got my beautiful doll. Thank you so much. I'm going to keep it next to me always and I'll think of all the energy you put into it.

Thank You,


Canadian Film Crew

It just dawned on me, I forgot to tell you the fertility doll worked!!!!!

I got pregnant and I now have 2 year old boy!
Thank you very much — wishing you much joy and success.
All my best and many blessings,

I just placed an order online with your store, but when I saw the contact email I also had to pop on and tell you what a difference your candles and potions have made for me. I've been dressing spell candles with your success potion for years, with wonderful results. But recently, I had two experiences - both with your candles - that made me realize all over again why I am glad for Voodoo Authentica.

This past spring, I stopped by the store for a Sell That House candle. Our house had been on the market for several months and we had plenty of showings but no buyers. I was at my wit's end. I took the candle home with me (we live in the midwest) and began using it as soon as I returned. We had a buyer come through a week later.

Recently, I was hit with an unexpected two-part court case. I sent for a Win in Court candle by mail. Upon receiving it, I used it and focused my energy, despite the fact that my excellent and experienced lawyer told me I would probably lose. We found out today that something that "hardly ever, 99% of the time fails, shot in the dark, don't get your hopes up for it happening" happened and I am free of the first component of this supposedly tough case. No one can believe it. But I can. Thank you. 

Since my Win in Court candle is almost used up, I popped on tonight to order another one, along with some more candles. Yes, I'm a candle magic convert. Thank you for doing what you do. You really do help people. I'm glad I found you and I wish you all the blessings in the world.



Save Our Cemeteries



Last November, I visited Voodoo Authentica while I was in town on a conference. I mentioned that although I was there for work, I was unhappy with my job and desperately wanted a new one. As I purchased the book I came to the shop for, the gentleman asked me to turn around and grab a "Success & Prosperity" blessed potion oil as a lagniappe. I was really humbled and grateful.

I used the oil in my own way, creating a spell which came from my heart.

I soon heard back from a job which would have been a game-changer for me. Over the next few months, I went on interview after interview, ultimately being a "runner-up." Although I was upset for a day, I realized the blessing of having advanced so far for an Executive Director position and being so well-liked by a board of directors that consisted of strangers.

In the meanwhile, I published my latest two novels in November and February and have received great reviews on Amazon. My novels have not made me wealthy, but I feel successful and prosperous for sure, and I'm leveraging the books into public speaking arrangements.

In the middle of all this, I volunteered on a political campaign. My candidate did not win, but two weeks after the primary, he reached out to me because he knew my background in fundraising and grant proposal writing and asked me to apply for a position with his nonprofit.

I am writing you today to let you know that he hired me to serve as his Director of Development. I start in July!

Whether people believe in Voodoo as their faithful religion, or they use it as part of a syncretic faith tradition, there is something to be said about the power of prayer, focus, and attraction. I had never prayed for prosperity before, thinking it to be a selfish thing to pray for. But ultimately, how can I be of service to others if I am not happy? When I began to focus on the essence of success and prosperity, doors began to open for me and I gained confidence in my endeavors.

Thank you so much, Voodoo Authentica. Your lagniappe started a chain of events that I am ever so grateful for. You may never know when you've changed someone's life, but I want you to know that you changed mine.

R. D. 2013

Hello Voodoo Authentica,

I wanted to send a note to express my appreciation for a 1 hour reading I had with Krysten during the 2012 Christmas holiday. Krysten started with a prayer and spread the cards, she explained that she would not know specific details. She said that the cards were speaking to me and that only I would know exactly what they are trying to tell me. She told me that I was at a major cross roads in my life (which I am). She told me that half of my cards represented major life lessons. The lessons were continue to repeat throughout my life until I learned from them.

The cards showed that I had someone in my life that was not changing and had an addiction. She said that I was tired of it. That I was burned out and did not want to deal with it any longer and that it would all come to an end around February. She asked me if I knew what this big event would be. The answer - my divorce will be finalized in February.

During my reading, she told me that I was angry and feeling lonely and that I bare way too much responsibility for everything and that I was burned out and that I needed to learn to tell people no. She told me that I have a lot of guardian angles or someone who has passed over that are helping me. I’ve known several people and friends that have passed away. She told me that my guardians are trying to guide me and that I needed to listen to them. She mentioned that I had been seeking advice from my guardians (I had been praying a lot). She said, “You seek their advice you just aren't listening.” Which has been true. I would give feelings and ignore my inner voice.

She told me that I needed to figure out who I was again that to do this I needed to work on my spiritual energy. If that means going to church, reading a book, or meditating.... whatever to redevelop my core foundation. She didn’t know this but this is exactly how I had been feeling. I had even been thinking about trying to find a local church to attend. As it is, I am still looking.

I asked her to do a spread on my career. The first thing she asked was, “Who is the jerk at work?” I said...."Ummm, well I work with a lot of guys in the computer field..... most if not all are alphas ... if not what I call silverbacks." She said, "NO... this person is NOT an alpha. This person will smile while they are stabbing you in the back. Someone has done this to you...who was it?”
Without going into details, my coworker stole my position in the company to protect herself during a current merger. Krysten told me that my coworker was trouble and that she will hurt me if given the chance. Krysten told me to tell my coworker no when I could and to not help my coworker unless I absolutely had to.”

We also did a spread on relationships. Based on the cards, I will potentially get married again. However, that will depend on how I deal with my life lessons. I will need to get on the right path again and focus on me and fix my spiritual energy. She pointed to a set of cards - she said that when I fix myself that my new relationship would make me feel foolish and young again. It would be a happy marriage

This reading spoke to me. I do have a strong inner voice that I ignore a lot. I do have a major event happening in Feb. I do work with a back stabbing snake in the grass. I have been thinking about finding a church to join lately because I have felt lonely and had the desire for more in my life. Having this reading helped me more than anyone will ever know. I already knew everything she said. The cards were accurate. But having someone else pick up on my issues felt like talking to a counselor or having an intervention. It was extremely helpful. THANK YOU.

Jennifer from North Carolina

Hi Brandi,

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with a reading I had with Zaar today. I had scheduled a one-hour session because I had a number of wide-ranging questions I wanted to address. I was caught off-guard, however, when his opening statements, upon looking at his spread, covered the vast majority of questions that were on my mind; particularly questions regarding my ancestors which no one had offered to me before in a reading, and I didn't know to ask. This time, because of the intensity of my most recent crisis, I was led to wonder if somehow someone in my lineage had something to do what my string of heartaches, and I was going to ask about it. I was left nearly speechless as it was one of the first things he addressed.

 I've had only a couple of good readings during my decades-long search for answers to some recurring issues, but my reading with him is the first time anyone started giving me answers without asking questions first, or without my having to tell them the story of what's going on. I had heard other people tell of such an experience, but it never happened for me until today.

 Zaar was caring, sincere, honest about what he saw, and the nicest touch, he made a couple of personal disclosures to give me examples of what he was talking about. That helped invoke a higher level of trust for me.

 I also appreciate that he gave me some "homework:" rituals to perform, prayers to recite, tasks to do. He also said something seemingly simple, but which was quite unexpected and, to be honest, something I needed to hear in the midst of my fear and confusion. He said: "Trust that God will bring [you what you want.]" It was so powerful in its timeliness.

 The reading ran less than the hour allotted, which was strange given that he was so thorough, but I had literally run out of concerns.

I had taken notes on what he was saying, and after we hung up, I reviewed them. As I was doing so, I suddenly noticed a distinct shift in my psychological state; or maybe it was in my spirit, I don't quite know. But I felt like I had just awakened from a deep sleep, and it was a new day. I felt a level of energy that I hadn't had in two months since my crisis started, and honestly I didn't quite know what to do with it. I had to get ready to go to work, and for the first time in eight weeks, felt no dread about leaving the house, and felt able to focus.

 I'll end here, although there is much more that I would like to say, but I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for having found this wonderful messenger from the Divine. Zaar uplifted my soul, and breathed new life into my spirit.

Please let him know that I'm doing everything he's told me to do, including washing my own hair (something I resisted upon his suggestion), and that I do trust that God will bring me what I desire.

 When I made my appointment a couple of days ago, and the staff person informed me that Zaar would be my reader, I went to the YouTube "True Voodoo" clips that I had been viewing for the last few days, and paid more attention to who he was. I was heartened Brandi, when you said "Zaar is a reader par excellence!" That statement raised my expectations, and I am thrilled to say that they were far exceeded.

 I look forward to establishing a life-long relationship with both Zaar and with Voodoo Authentica.

Kind regards and many blessings!
USA, Katrina


I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Dora & Josh. The time that Dora took to find someone to work with me was above and beyond what I had expected. It's rare, I've found, to come across people who are genuinely willing to help out another person. Thank you so much Dora. Your kindness was deeply appreciated.

& to Josh for giving me some clarity about what's happening with my mother...and afterwards, giving me some clarity about myself. Despite your assertion that I wouldn't take your words to heart & put them into action, I took what you gave me and started to write & am genuinely giving this whole praying to Hermes deal a go. Being more of a hedonist is something I do with very little effort, but hearing your encouragement definitely didn't hurt. In all seriousness, I assume that you do a number of readings a day and that my reading wasn't anything spectacular to you, but I have to tell you, you've made an indelible impression & I thank you, with all sincerity, for your time.

My girlfriend Nikki and I have made a commitment to travel to New Orleans annually, & we are looking forward to having a chance to see y'all again. Once again, thank you!

En paz,
E. from Boston, MA

I received the Voodoo book today-thank you for sending it. I must confess, I don't know much about the Voodoo religion, but I am very respectful and interested to find out. I was so impressed to hear that you could not send the other items I ordered until the new moon so that they could be properly blessed. I feel that they will be so much more special since I know what special care you went to. I just wanted to thank you for that. Also, you said your prayers are with me...that means so much to me. I so look forward to receiving my order, and I thank you for the special care that you have taken on my behalf.

June 29, 2000
Mary from California

I have purchased over 10 voodoo dolls from your establishment and am very impressed with the workmanship. I am writing to personally thank you for the beautiful dolls that I have received. They are exquisite and obviously created by true artists. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Many thanks and blessings.

February 20, 2000
Cecilia from New Mexico

The doll is arrived today; it’s very nice and I like also the sheet with its history. I thank you for your kindness and availability. The doll will be on show in my collections.

Wednesday, April 7,1999

Paola from Italy

Hello, I just wanted to thank Brandy for not making my gris-gris bag when the deaths occurred in the voodoo community. I truly appreciate Brandy being real and not someone who doesn’t care.

February 11, 1999
Alicia from Indiana

Rumor has it that the Chicken Man passed away around Thanksgiving of 1998. Is that true? And if so what happened?

Brandi's response: Yes, unfortunately it is true. Chicken Man did pass a bit before Christmas. We were finally able to bury him with a beautiful Jazz Funeral and Second Line through the Quarter last Saturday. His ashes are being kept at Miriam's Temple on Rampart Street. Thanks for your concern.

February 8, 1999
Renee, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and I am extremely pleased with everything! I have recommended your website to many of my friends, and I look forward to ordering again. Thanks!

June 16, 1998
Darcy, Wisconsin

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