Voodoo Authentica™ Cultural Center & Collection is located in the Historic New Orleans French Quarter at 612 rue Dumaine. Since 1996 we have been providing Authentic Ritual Entertainment, a complete line of Voodoo Dolls and Crafts, Voodoo Spells, Spiritual Work & Consultations by experienced practitioners, and much more!

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(1) I'm very interested, but I'm a beginner. Where do I start?

 As a beginner, you may want to try our basic, general purpose New Orleans Voodoo Doll. If you'd like to get a lot of practitioner-made items (including a doll) with complete instructions for a great value, we'dhighly suggest our Voodoo Authentica Ritual Kit.  It contains all the materials you'll need to do your own Voodoo Ritual, including a doll, a blessed potion oil, a gris-gris bag, a small candle, a stick of incense, and full instructions.

To enhance your knowledge of the religion of New Orleans Voodoo, we also highly recommend that you read the book Jambalaya by Vodou Priestess Luisah Teish. The book includes numerous practical rituals outlined in detail, charts on how to build altars to all of the primary Orisha (African Spirit Forces), recipes for spiritual baths and more! 

(2) How do I use a Voodoo doll? Can they be used to hurt people?

When working with dolls, it's always good to attach a personal item to the doll of the person you're trying to affect. So, if you want to bring luck and financial abundance to yourself, wrap a piece of your hair around the doll or tie a piece of old clothing to the doll, then write down your name and birthday on one side of a piece of paper and what you're asking for on the other side (it doesn't hurt to be specific!).

Use the pin to attach the piece of paper to the doll, and then pray, meditate, or focus your energy on the doll as routinely as you can. Leave it out somewhere prominent and respectful, and picture the luck and abundance coming into your life as you pray. If you have any visual representations of the things you're asking for (like a lucky penny or a check written to yourself for the amount of money you want) you can also either attach those to the doll to help you visualize your goal. 

Dolls are used to attract and represent energy, prayers, goals, or wishes. Despite what Hollywood has put out there, in New Orleans Voodoo, dolls aren't typically used to injure or cause harm to others. We strongly believe that the energy we put into our Spiritual work is the energy that we attract in other aspects of our lives, so all of our dolls have been blessed for effective - and safe - prayer work.

(3) What is the difference of how Voodoo dolls are made today and how they were first made?

Essentially, New Orleans Voodoo dolls are made in much the same way now as they were hundreds of years ago. A practitioner uses materials which are indigenous to their area and readily available. The materials used to construct the doll are as varied as the many regions in which dolls were and still are constructed. You'll see dolls of clay, cotton, mud, moss, straw, hair (animal & human), and combinations of these and many other materials, depending on where you are in the world.

The doll's intended purpose also effects the look of the doll and how it is made; another ancient practice still used today. Ex: A fertility doll will still often have exaggerations of the female form. Basically, the purpose of a doll can, and usually does, effect the practitioner's choice of color, look, materials, etc., when creating a doll/effigy. Sometimes, these images are also made for general purposes; so that they can represent a particular person and their many needs and desires, often through a lifetime!

(4) How would I go about making a Voodoo Doll? What are the necessities in the production of a Voodoo Doll?

You can use just about anything to make a doll. Traditionally, practitioners of Voodoo have used what is indigenous to their area. For us in Louisiana, it's a lot of moss used as stuffing, sticks from local trees to form a cross as a base for the doll which we wrap the moss around, and cotton or other natural fabric wrapped around the base and moss to create a head and "clothes." We often include a personal item of the individual we are trying to bless with the doll. We use the completed doll as a focusing tool to create positive changes in our lives and the lives of others in need of assistance. 

(5) Do Voodoo Dolls really work?

Everyone here at Voodoo Authentica is a Practitioner. All of our products are made and used by us, and thus have been proven over the years. In order for something to truly work, you must have faith in it, but that being said we have had many years of success and a long-standing, faithful clientele. Come at it with an open mind and an attitude of gratitude, and we are certain that you will be pleased with your results.

As for how long it takes, every persona and every prayer is different; time will vary from situation to situation. Results can take two weeks or two years! Unfortunately, with any kind of prayer work, there is no way to tell, but faster results are generally attributed to consistent energy and prayers on behalf of the worker. Basically, the more you work it, the stronger your results! 

Veve for Drums and Ogan (Rada Rite).

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