Voodoo Authentica™ Cultural Center & Collection is located in the Historic New Orleans French Quarter at 612 rue Dumaine. Since 1996 we have been providing Authentic Ritual Entertainment, a complete line of Voodoo Dolls and Crafts, Voodoo Spells, Spiritual Work & Consultations by experienced practitioners, and much more!

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Spiritual Work and Rituals

(1) I've had spell work done by many different people (not you guys) and haven't noticed any changes in my life. What do you think is the problem?

It may be time to "stop and take stock." Find
some stillness & solitude in a quiet place, and think long and hard about the
value and benefit of accomplishing the goal you're seeking to achieve. Is this desire you have intended for the highest good of yourself, and any others involved? If you determine that it's not, then understand that God and
the Universe came to that conclusion long ago and probably attempted to offer
you another course that you may not be considering. Be sure to stay open
to possible alternatives!

If, on the other hand, after very deep thought and introspection, you
find that you firmly believe that the goal you're seeking is positive &
righteous, than continue to go for it with all you've got -- don't lose hope
and don't give up. This type of goal/desire evaluation does call for a lot
of honesty, so, be prepared to open yourself to the possibility
that you could just be asking for the wrong things.

Also, please consider working on perfecting your own Spiritual "style" and doing Spiritual Work for yourself. Although, like any skill, it will take time to develop -- the
investment is well worth it, as you'll have that skill always. Since desire
and will are such key components in effective work, and since very few
people could want what you desire for yourself as passionately as you do, you can see how much more beneficial it may be to form your own connection with Spirit.

(2) How would I know if the person is fake when it comes to having spell work done?

Identifying a fraud can be quite a challenge. There are
many gifted & wonderful people in this business and there are of course some
sharks too. Generally, some big indicators of "fakeness" are people who make
wild claims and/or blatantly promote hurtful solutions over peaceful alternatives (from bald to Cher hair in days, give your enemies a heart attack, etc.), or offer "guaranteed results"
within some ridiculous time span. Things like that should send a red flag up.

This is the Spiritual realm -- all a Practitioner can do is make a
request of the Spirits on your behalf, to form a sort of connection. It is
then up to the Spirits to decide the course that is best with their vision,
which is infinitely greater than our own. This is why we begin all that we
do at Voodoo Authentica with a Spiritual Consultation - we don't just "jump
right in" to a ritual. The consult allows us to calmly & sincerely evaluate
what's going on in our clients' lives and to see if Spiritual Work is either
necessary or even advisable in that particular situation. In all honesty,
more often than not, a consult is all that is needed! Our clients are
given instructions about forming their own connections with Spirit in order
to achieve a higher state of peace & balance, and to attract the desired
influences (or get rid of negative ones) in their lives.

The bottom line is, be careful with your precious Spirit & Karma AND your hard earned money! Many of the sharks are counting on the fact that, in a state of desperation or anger, you'll throw caution - and your wallet - to the wind.

(3) I have a question about the 'love potion.' I don't want to put my husband under a spell to be a 'zombie', but a little extra help in the love department can't hurt!

You don't have to be concerned about turning anyone into a 'zombie' by the sheer use of any oil available on the planet! Our items are Blessed by extremely Spiritually responsible Practitioners who disagree wholeheartedly with the idea of will control. We consider will control to be a form of serious harm. So, our love potion will be blessed for pure love, created by using the appropriate oils, herbs, and prayers.The finished product is a potion oil which can be used by a practitioner in a number of ways: to dress a candle, anoint/enchant objects and self, and so on.. Any harm done with our items would come solely from the ill intent of a misguided practitioner who happened to get their hands on our tools, not from any negativity inherent in the tools themselves.

Normally, when our clients are doing love work, we recommend that they ask simply for true love to enter their lives. Instead of naming someone specifically, we ask them to send the message out to the Universe as to the type of person they're looking for that, in trust, they ask the Universe to send them the right person for them at this time. Sometimes, people are not ready for a relationship and are sent something they didn't have in mind, a new path that may give them love for themselves! If this work is done positively, purely and from the heart, one thing is certain:  things seem to have a way of falling into place!

As to your particular case, you have a love in your life already - your husband. It's great that you'd like to spice things up a bit, create more intimacy, a closer bond, etc. Depending on your situation, the love spell and potion oil might be a really nice idea.

(4) I'm interested in purchasing the Enemy Be Gone Potion Oil. I do not wish to harm the person, but since he has the ill intentions against me, I just want him to go away, transfer to a different location or something. Please explain what kind of effect these things have.

Our products are blessed for peaceful and positive resolution, so they definitely are not empowered to do any physical, emotional, or spiritual harm.

 Enemy Be Gone items are intended to assist you with removing negative people/energy from your space in ways which serve the higher good of all involved. So if, for example, your coworker was being a bully, you could use the Enemy Be Gone to get him an amazing job that he absolutely loves - and one that takes him far away from you.

Veve for Drums and Ogan (Rada Rite).

Due to the hand-crafted and blessed nature of our products, please allow 7-14 days for delivery


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